Jan 10, 2010

Bootable USB drive

          Download Required tools

Making Bootable by Unetbootin

 i). download unetbootin and run as administrator

 ii).  Select Disk image & Select image location
 iii).  Choose drive and click ok.
 iv).  Restart your Machine and Boot from USB

To boot From USB drive go in your bios Setup and keep "boot from usb" at top in Boot Menu.

2.Making Bootable Using Ultraiso

Step-I       Install Ultraiso and change its property in compatibility Tab to "Run as administrator".

Step-II      Open Ubuntu ISO image with Ultraiso

Step-III    Navigate to   bootable tab-------> Write disk image

Setup-IV    Select Correct Drive later----> Format---------> Write


Step-V   After few minute your burn Process willl complete. Now click on close tab.

Now Resart your System And Boot from USB drive                                                                
To boot From USB drive go in your bios Setup and keep "boot from usb" at top in Boot Menu.

How can i install Ubuntu and windows vista in one computer?

**********METHOD I***************
2.START your system and insert installation disk in drive
u will get a pop-up window

NO.1 is for for installation of ubuntu alongside windows or as a single operating system .
>>>>> in this option u can edit or re-partiton your hard drive

********************METHOD II*****************************
is for installing ubuntu inside your operating system as an application without editing your old partition configuration. this method is very easy but reduce very little disk performance

after clicking on "Install Inside Windows" you'll get a pop-up window like this

NOW select disk,disk size ,enter password and click install
after completing installation process , SYSTEM will reboot and ubuntu will
install itself

Ubuntu may be more popular than Linux itself in 2010:-BY GOOGLE

Google predicts that Ubuntu may be more popular than Linux itself in 2010

Ubuntu is just one of a myriad of Linux distributions, but no one can deny that its rise to fame has been meteoric, especially as a desktop OS.

This week Google announced a “forecast” feature in Google Insights for Search. Essentially it’s a new function that looks at the search history (popularity) of a term and tries to predict what the future trend for that term will look like.

So just out of curiosity we decided to try Ubuntu versus Linux to see what would happen. The dotted line furthest to the right in the chart below is Google’s prediction. We’ve marked the point where the interest for Ubuntu is predicted to overtake Linux with a red arrow, i.e. February 2010.

Since this is based on past data it is in no way a secure prediction of the future, but it does look quite plausible. The interest for Linux (at least as a search term) has long been declining while the interest for Ubuntu has been increasing (although it has slowed down recently).

One interpretation of this data is that the interest for Ubuntu is surpassing the interest for “just” Linux. It’s becoming quite a brand…