Feb 1, 2010

Wireless /Wlan Trouble in Ubuntu


In earlier version of Ubuntu(9.10+) I have found a problem with wireless driver. After installing Ubuntu Network Manager unable to detect wireless card. Also,unable to detect through Hardware detection in Administrator. But I have found some idea to get through it. Try bw procedure One by One. I am not sure which one is helpful for you, but it is sure that one of these is helpful for you.

STEP - I   Install ndiswrapper and ndisgtk.

Installing By Terminal- run following codes in terminal
sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper
sudo apt-get install ndisgtk
You can also get this files from your UBUNTU DISK/IMAGE in folder  ===>
 Pool/Main/n/ndiswrapper  and
You get some .deb files in abive directories, just install them by double clicking.

STEP - II   Installing Driver for your wireless Device.

    Now you'll need .inf  file for your hardware. I'm telling you how to get it read carefully. 
If you have installed it on your windows OS,then go to C drive and search directory where your driver is installed. If you have got it goto driver==>win_xp(something like this) and you'll get xxx.inf .

Now go to System =>Administration =>windows wireless driver. you'll get a new windows as below

click on - Install New Driver

Click on - (None) and locate your >inf file
 Click on - Install

STEP - III   Copy following codes and paste in your terminal--

  1. sudo rmmod b43

  1. sudo rmmod b44

  1. sudo rmmod b43legacy

  1. sudo rmmod ssb

  1. sudo rmmod wl

  1. sudo rmmod ndiswrapper

  1. sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

  1. sudo modprobe ssb

  1. sudo modprobe b44

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